Short wheel base transit. (SWB) 

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Description Metric
Payload 1028 kg 1 tons
Load Space Volume: 6.6 cubic meters 233 cubic feet
Load Bay Length: 2.44 m 8ft
Load Bay Width: 1.55 m 5ft 1in
Load Bay Height: 1.37 m 4ft 6in
Exterior Height:  1.95 m 6ft 5in
Exterior Length:
4.70 m 15ft 5in



Long wheel base transit. (LWB)

Payload 1439 kg 1.5 tons
Load Space Volume: 10.5 cubic meters 370 cubic feet
Load Bay Length: 3.25 m 10ft 8in
Load Bay Width: 1.57 m 5ft 2in
Load Bay Height: 1.66 m 5ft 5in
Exterior Height: 2.26 m 7ft 5in
Exterior Length: 5.80 m 19ft



Luton transit (Largest)

vehicles luton


Description Metric Imperial
Payload 1500 kg 1.5 tons
Load Space Volume: 18.0 cubic meters 635 cubic feet
Load Bay Length: 3.86 m 12ft 8in
Load Bay Width: 2.00 m 6ft 7in
Load Bay Height: 2.2 m 7ft 5in
Exterior Height: 3.1 m 10ft 2in
Exterior Length: 6.6 m 21ft 8in


These furniture vans are suitable for moving house, collecting goods and transporting equipment, they are particularly useful for heavy items as the tail lift does the work for you. The Lutons square shaped box on the back means packing is not hindered by wheel arches etc.




Luton Transit Van (Approximate Load Dimensions)